Participation in the Workshop on Enhancing CASA and Regional Digital Cooperation and its Importance in Economic Growth of the Countries

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryobee at a workshop over strengthening the regional cooperation and the implementation of the CASA Digital Project.

The workshop which was held in the capital of Kirgizstan was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, director of ATRA Dr. Najeebullah Azizi, and senior representatives of the countries of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Minister of MCIT Shahzad Aryobee, in the workshop spoke about the creation of a joint framework for the implementation of a regional digital link between the countries of South Asia (CASA Digital) and the effective use of joint opportunities by member countries in order to strengthen and compete in the digital world market and boost the economy through digital and detailed Afghanistan’s preparation.

As a result, a joint document was adopted between the countries, according to which they expressed their commitment to develop partnerships, joint framework and initial steps to realize this great goal.

The Casa Digital Project has been set up to make operative and effective use of digital technology and its economic importance