The capacity of the Afghan Telecom Company to increase from 3.1 million to 6.1 million customers

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology endeavors to provide high-quality telecommunication services by creating an appropriate environment for telecommunication companies, and has always strived to use the latest and the most modern technology to improve telecommunication services in the country

To this end, at the 162th session of the National Procurement Commission, which was held by presidency of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan H. E. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, discussed the issues of telecommunication challenges and the way of tackling the problems.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, directed MCIT’s officials to take serious measures to resolve the problems of telecommunications in 34 provinces.

During the meeting, the contracts of the Afghan Telecom company, increasing the capacity of Salam telecommunication network from 3.1 million subscribers to 6.1 million and installation and assembling the two Core Network GSM equipment for upgrading the speed of internet were approved.

Irrespective to any challenges in the country Afghan Telecom Co. is committed to delivering transparent, balanced telecommunication services.