The Wakhan Corridor Fiber Optic Survey Project started

Minister of Communications and Information Technology, along with a high-ranking government delegation, acting minister of the Ministry of Finance and Advisor to the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Humayoun Qayoumi, governor of Badekhshan Province Mr. Ahmed Faisal Begzad, Ambassador The People's Republic of China traveled to Wakhan district of Badakhshan province and opened the Wakhan Corridor Fiber Optic Survey project.

With the implementation of the fiber optic network project and connecting Afghanistan with China, which is part of the creation the digital Silk Road, Afghanistan will become the gateway for information transfer in the region.

The fiber optic network of the country will also be connected through Wakhan port to China and via China to African and European countries, and Central Asian countries will be connected through Afghanistan to South Asia and through the Caucasus to Europe.

The launching this project, which is 400 Km long from Faizabad to China’s border and costs 70 million US dollars funded by the People's Republic of China, would lead to decrease the Internet and telecommunication service prices, gaining millions of dollars revenues, and creation of many job opportunities in Afghanistan.

In his trip Minister Aryobee also met with the people in the district. In order to meet the needs of the residents, he promised to install several telecommunication facilities in the district.