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Etisalat Afghanistan

Etisalat Afghanistan is 100% owned subsidiary of Etisalat UAE. Etisalat is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and the leading operator in the Middle East and Africa, headquartered in the UAE.

Etisalat operates in 18 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, servicing over 135 million customers out of a total population of approximately 1.9bn people.

Etisalat Afghanistan started its operations in Afghanistan in August 2007. Since then the company has invested more than $ 300 Million in Afghanistan and revenue growth has doubled every year. The company is the fastest growing mobile phone company in Afghanistan Etisalat is providing voice and data services in 30 provinces and 182 districts with more than 12,000 retail outlets.

We are a United Arab Emirates' company, motivated by the wisdom of our leaders in the UAE in supporting the rebuilding of Afghanistan. This is a guiding principle for us as to how we operate here. We believe in creating opportunities for all and sharing with others what Allah has blessed us with—sharing our prosperity around the world by creating economic opportunities in emerging markets like Afghanistan. Etisalat's arrival here is part of the UAE promise of long-term partnership to work together with Afghans to transform this magnificent country into a modern, peaceful, and prosperous Afghanistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that 90 percent of EA staff comprises of local Afghans. In line with Etisalat Afghanistan's long standing resolve of partnering in the development and enhancement of human capital and skill levels of local Afghan employees, the company has recently launched Employee Succession Plan with the intention to train and develop Afghan nationals into senior management positions. We have set a target of training over 400 people over the course of this programme and expect that it will generate excellent results. The programme with the help of Etisalat Academy UAE has already been kicked off for the training of Afghan employees by the world renowned trainers.

Etisalat believes in playing an active role in supporting the community and contribute responsibly towards social development of the country. Our recent initiatives of supporting Afghanistan National Cricket Team and developing the sports at the grass root levels as well as on-going CSR initiatives in the field of health, education and other areas speaks volumes about the Etisalat Group's commitment to the people of Afghanistan.

Etisalat Afghanistan has recently signed a deal with the Afghanistan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to provide services in rural areas of Afghanistan. ATRA has selected Etisalat Afghanistan to carry out Rural Telecom Development project in 17 rural Districts in 9 provinces by building and operating 23 BTS sites. Etisalat Afghanistan is providing unmatched connectivity to its customers through roaming agreements with 120 operators in 80 countries.

Etisalat is a beacon of future for Afghanistan, enabling better tomorrow, improving lives of ordinary people, creating jobs, helping businesses to grow and contributing to national economy!

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MTN is a new global brand which made its appearance in the Sudanese telecommunication market in July 2005.
MTN’s first project has started in 1990 in Ghana then Benin following in 1999, Syria in 2001, Liberia 2002, Yemen in 2003, Cyprus and Guinea Bissau in year 2004, Guinea Conakry and Afghanistan 2006.

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About Roshan

Roshan began operations in 2003 in an environment where there was virtually no telecommunications infrastructure. Basic telecommunications was prohibitively expensive and practically inaccessible. To make an international call, you literally had to walk to another country. Speaking to family members within and outside the country was a luxury that many in Afghanistan had to forego.

Bringing You Closer

At Roshan, we believe that being able to pick up a phone and speak to friends and family wherever they may be is a fundamental right everyone in Afghanistan is entitled to. Which is why our core value is reflected in our slogan: Nazdik Shodan, Bringing You Closer.

Our Vision

We are the benchmark emerging market telecommunications company that focuses on our customers, stakeholders and employees, providing quality and value in an ethical manner while contributing to the social and economic development of Afghanistan within the region.

Making A Difference

Roshan is Afghanistan's leading telecommunications provider and the market leader with over 5 million active subscribers and a network that covers over 230 cities and towns in all of the country's 34 provinces.

As a benchmark emerging market telecommunications company that focuses on its customers, we are proud to have played a leading role in bringing the benefits of wireless telecommunications to Afghanistan, while contributing to the nation's reconstruction and economic development.

Since inception in 2003, we have invested approximately $500 million in Afghanistan. To date, we are the country's single largest investor and the largest taxpayer, contributing approximately 5% of the Afghan government's overall domestic revenue. In addition, Roshan directly employs more than 1,200 people, of which, 20% are women, and provides indirect employment to more than 30,000 people. We are committed to providing training and developing opportunities to each and every employee, helping to cultivate the next generation of Afghan leaders and skilled employees.

Being One Of The World's Best

We have our sights set on being the best. Not just in the region, but in the world. By benchmarking ourselves against the world's best, we are fully dedicated to bringing you the finest products and services through leading-edge innovation. In addition, we have brought together the brightest talent from all over Afghanistan and beyond to manage our operations to ensure that your every experience with Roshan is second to none..

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Afghan Wireless Communication Company

Afghan Wireless, with a primary motive of connecting Afghanistan seamlessly, was the first mobile services company in Afghanistan.

Afghan Wireless Communication Company was started in 2002 by the visionary Mr. Ehsan Bayat, the Chairman of the Company, with a zeal to establish an Afghan company for the people of Afghanistan.

Post the conflict era, Afghanistan faced the uphill task of rebuilding itself, the first step was to build the communication infrastructure. Afghan Wireless promoted by Telephone Systems International was more than eager to contribute its share in this endeavour. Today the company stands tall with more milestones than it had initially planned to reach.

To its credit, Afghan Wireless boasts of covering all the provinces in the country and the only one to do so.
The company as a responsible and committed corporate citizen, involves itself in to lend a helping hand to the social causes through Bayat Foundation, an active NGO supported by Afghan Wireless.

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